Here comes the wave and it’s huge! Once in a time Internet boils up on its own communication possibilities, attracting a quite peculiar avatar, the dream sealer or the dream sailor as you which.

The first time I noticed it was when they discovered email and the result is very well-known by the name of Spam. So they discovered websites and the result was banners and popups. After they found blogs and never an opinion was so much stretched before. And now they found social media as a target.

(Well at this point let’s clarify: don’t get me wrong, this is not about blame, it’s an exercise of understanding. )

So now it’s the time of social marketing… More and more I’m seeing a strange use of the social networks available. These misuses have different colors but in general it follows a pattern. The same pattern as when someone knock on your door or call you with the strange goal of making a sale without concern about what’s being sold is useful or not and in extreme cases even knowingly trying to create a necessity out of nothing.

The conclusion is waste in its core significance which is waste of life.

So, here is my piece on social marketing walking dead… Would you buy it?